Throckmorton, Texas

 Historic Throckmorton Courthouse!. 

State champs 

Throckmorton Texas has some of the finest deer hunting in the area West of DFW 

 Gateway to West Texas

If you hunt, fish, work, live or just visit in Throckmorton, please consider a donation to the Throckmorton Depot Public Library a non-profit organization working to make a better Throckmorton! Contact the Library at: or call 940-849-3076.

Throckmorton Texas is located about 120 miles West, Northwest of the DFW area. It is a small community, but boasts some of the best hunting in the state. Besides hunting Throckmorton also features a wonderful historic area, including the landmark courthouse.

Throckmorton also hosts a superb location for many other activities, and has many other great community amenities. 


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