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1.  How many capitol cities has there been in Texas?  (a) 8 (b) 6  (c) 4  (d) 2 (e) 1

2.  The Capitol Dome in Texas is the only building higher than the Capitol Dome in Washington, D.C.  True  or False?

3.  What Texas County has the largest Court House Square, number of public business buildings surrounding it?     (1) Granbury (2) Dallas  (3)  Fort Worth (4) Graham (5)  Brady  (6) San Angelo?

4.  The word Texas is a word derived from the word of Tejas or Te~jas,  which is a word meaning "friend" taken from the_________________language.         (1) Spanish (2) French          (3) Hasini Indian (4) Comanche Indian (5) Shawnee

5.  Said to be the 7th wonder of the world, the Houston Astrodome was the first completely covered dome sports complex every built?  True or False?

6.  The soft drink Dr Pepper has no period after (Dr).  Dr Pepper was first developed and bottled in what Texas City? (1) Dublin (2) Hico     (3) Waco (4) Abilene (5) Wichita Falls (6) Stephenville

7.  Which Texas ranch is larger in land size then the state of Rhode Island? (1) Waggoner Ranch  (2) King Ranch  (3) Spade Ranch  (4) All the above

8.  The world's first known rodeo was held on July 4th, 1883 in this Texas city?      (1)  Abilene   (2)  San Marcus  (3) Fort Worth  (4)  Pecos

9.  What city can you eat a 4 pound steak for free, if you can eat all of it in one hour?  (1) Fort Worth (2) El Paso (3) Amarillo (4) Pecos  (5) Waco

10. What is the name of a Texas ranch, which is said to be named by the owner after he won the ranch in a poker game?  (1) Double Diamond Ranch (2) The Spade Ranch (3) The Kings Ranch (4)  The Four Six's, 6666 Ranch

11.   The Heisman Trophy was named after John William Heisman, who coached what unversity in this city?  (1) Baylor at Waco (3) SMU at Dallas (3) HSU at Abilene (4) Rice U. at Houston (5) UT at Texas

12.  El Paso is closer to California than Dallas?  True or False

13.  Beaumont, TX to El Paso, TX is further than Beaumont to Chicago?                 Ture or False?

14.  The Texas Capitol Building, the largest State Capitol Building, is made of 15,000 loads of what type of rock?(1) Lime (2) Pink Granite (3) Slate (4) Sand Rock  

15. The State Dog was officially named in 2005 after this Texas Ranch Family? (1) Collie  (2) Dashound (3) Sheppard (4) Blue Lacy (5) Red Bone

16. Texas is the only state to enter the U.S. by TREATY, instead of ANNEXATION?  True of False?


1.  The correct answer is (b), or Six Capitol Cities.  1)Washington on the Brazos 2) Harrisburg 3) Galveston 4) Valasco 5) West Columbia and 6) Austin

2.  True.  The Texas Capitol is 7ft taller.

3.  (4) Graham, Texas

4.  (3) Hasini Indian

5.  True. The Houston Asterdome was the first fully covered building of its kind.

6.  (3) Waco, Texas. Invented in the year 1885.

7.  (2) King Ranch with 825,000 acres.  The Waggoner ranch is next largest with 522,000 acres.

8. (4) Pecos Texas

9. (3) Amarillo, Texas. The Big Texan Steak Ranch Restaurant.  (you have to eat all the trimmings as well)

10. (4) The Four Six's, or 6666 ranch located in Guthrie, Texas.

11. (4) Rice University at Houston

12.  True. From El Paso to Dallas is 634 miles, or 10 Hrs. 5 Minutes of travel. From El Paso to California State line, 554.5 miles, or 7 Hrs. 46 Minutes of travel.

13.  False. Beaumont to El Paso is 742 miles.  Beaumont to Chicago is 770 Mi.

14.  Pink Granite, brought from the Lacy Ranch, named after four Lacy Brothers.

15. The State Dog was named after the Lacy Brothers of the Lacy Ranch.  The Blue Lacy Dog is the only dog which originated entirely in Texas.  Part Coyotte, part Scent Dog, and part Greyhound.

16. True. This allows the Texas Flag to fly at the same height as the US Flag.