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For Sale:  Four (4) Electric Power & Generating Plants

Texas &  Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) has for sale, four (4) complete Electric Power Generation Plants for sale located in Texas.  A full listing can be obtained after December, 2008 with details of each site, equipment list, and other things associated with the sale.

To be a qualified bidder/buyer and a gain a site spec sheet of equipment, please contact J.C. Mathiews, President of TCC by filing out the email form and send it in, or respond to






TCC is looking for first phase funding to build a $10-25 Million dollar Research and Development Center.  This latest state of the art center will be devoted to attracting new methods of producing fuel and electricity in the world.  This R & D Center will become the highly most recognized center for emerging engineers and newer technology, towards finding new fuel sources that are totally environmentally friendly, and zero dependent of hydro-carbon fuel. Producing new industry methods that will have zero "green house gases" released into the air. 

TCC has several new Bio-fuel plant designs out of Germany that will be totally void any crude oil or hydrocarbon material.  Money will be used to build larger test sites, utilizing agriculture crops for fuel processing.

TCC has one client that possesses a new design of an Electric Generation system that will not rely on crude fuels, lignite coal or Powder River Basin (PBR) coal. This generator possibly can generate electricity for a fraction of the cost of any new generating plant, and with a total environmentally friendly "green" fuel.   Emitting zero green house gas.  TCC will be searching for grants, joint venture partners, investors, or bank loans, to build this center and help fund new development and manufacturing of this generator system.

Please contact TCC’s President, J.C. Mathiews, if you are interested in gaining a ground floor opportunity to become a partner in any of these potential large profit technologies.

TEXAS BASED MUD COMPANY -  Current operational Texas Based Mud Company who serves the drilling sector of the oil and gas industry, is looking for a partner.  The company is growing faster than its banking creditials and needs an investor infusion to accomodiate this repid growth.  Approximate capital needs will be between $3M to $5M dollars.  If you, or someone you know, has an interest in this type of investment, contact J.C. Mathiews,