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Who Uses Appraisers:

Lending Institutions    Trusts    Attorneys    Accountants    Municipalities    Government Agencies       

Private Businesses    Private Individuals    Courts- Federal/State/District    Estates    Taxing Authorities 

Oil & Gas / Utility  for Drilling/Exploration Damage Settlements, Easements, Property Settlements

Mining Professionals including Oil & Gas,  for other evaluations of  Surface / Mineral / Royalty

Electrical Utilities

Oil & Gas / Utility / Mining - Equipment, Specialized Equipment Sales or Collateral Appraisals

Wall Street Hedge Funding Groups

Farm & Ranches, Equipment Operators, Livestock operators, Equine Professionals, other Specialized Agriculture



TEXAS & MIDWESTERN CONSULTANTS COMPANY (TCC) is a fully licensed Senior Appraiser member. It has been licensed in several different Agriculture Societies, Heavy Equipment, other,  over the years including a well recognized membership of the American Society of Agriculture Appraisers (ASAA). Example of Certifications is International Livestock, Dairy,  Equine, Farm and Ranch, Farm and Ranch Equipment, Heavy Equipment and others. TCC has also performed many estate appraials, farm and ranch estates, oil and gas including equipment, and a host of other things. Appraisers are trained to render the most accurate opinion of value for a family farm or commericial property, including such things as Warehouses, Offices, Properties, Equipment, Estates, and a host of other needs.

If you have a need to hire an appraiser, please contact or call Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) for a free consultation about your Appraiser needs. You will be directed to and guided with expert, professional answers to all your appraisal needs.



APPRAISAL STANDARDS AND ORGANIZATIONS.  If you look on the internet you will see many different and varied organizations, societies, memberships, and very legal looking appraiser foundations.   If you wanted to join each membership, club, or society, an appraiser would have to spend each day of the year in each memberships training classes, clubs, etc.......and spend several hundred thousands of dollars to be licensed in each one. And most people believe that you have to be licensed in each memberships certain class, organization, society, to be legal.  And until 1989, one had to pick a singular organization, subscribe to its membership fee, to be a licensed appraiser. Truth was, many thought you was limited to that one aspect of appraising. society, or membership to be a legal appraiser.

WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW:   All clubs, organizations, societies, memberships, all have to follow the same exact guidelines set up and passed by the US Congress in 1989.  And thanks to that, now everyone complies to the same practices named by law in Congress in 1989 as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, or USPAPUSPAP was adopted by Congress in 1989 , and contains standards for types of appraisal services including real estate, personal property, business and mass appraisal.  Compliance is required for state licensed and state-certified appraisers involved in federally-related real estate transactions.  USPAP standards is updated every two years so that appraisers have the information they need to deliver unbiased and thoughtful opinions of value.

Now regardless of the type of entity being appraised, commercial buildings, residential, real estate, farm and ranch sites, equipment, livestock, industrial machinery, each appraiser must follow the guidelines of Ethic's and Practice of the USPAP Code.  An appraiser can be a member of one singular, or several different types and names of membership associations, but regardless of he licensed organization, they all follow the same uniform rules and ethics of appraisals.  Most appraisers pick one membership level they are most knowledgeable of to become licensed in, but in reality, as long as they are licensed under any one membership level, they can appraise other things outside their particular membership as long as they follow and adhere to the USPAP standards.

If you think about it, each project of an appraisal is a certain tract, building, material object, or thing.  The appraiser's job is to find a value of that one thing be it real property, buildings, equipment, animals, other. And the way any appraiser does so is by using a trained system of methodology to find other things similair that is selling, or has sold, or has a listed book value, or comparable to another thing like it, being one or more, that was listed of book value or sold to the public. Its not the object or thing that is key here, its the methodology that trainded appraisers go by to find other things and render a comparable value to.   Regardless of  your needs to appraise a commercial building, or a regisered race horse, any appraiser will follow the same guidelines to find comparable's and determine a honest evaluation by using the USPAP Codes of Ethics and Practice,