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J.C. Mathiews - President and CEO
About the Founder


Current President and owner, J.C. Mathiews, founded Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) in July of 1989.  Mathiews has been a fully registered and licensed State Securities Broker/Dealer since September of 1989.


Mathiews grew up on a small family farm and ranch just outside the small town of Woodson, Texas.  Throckmorton County.  Throckmorton County was at this time under the influence of three major industries, farming, ranching, and crude oil & natural gas exploration.   Mathiews graduated from Woodson High School in May of 1970.  He entered Tarleton State University located in Stephenville, Texas in the fall of 1970.  Tarleton State University is a highly recognized state agriculture university.

Mathiews resides today as a forth generation member on the family farm and is a wheat farmer and Beefmaster Cattle rancher rasing Beefmaster and Beefmaster Hotlander Cross cattle.



  • Agriculture and Agro Business 
  • Aquaculture
  • Bio-fuel processing
  • Oil & Gas Drilling/Exploration/Completion
  • Land Exploration Leasing & Right-of-way (ROW)
  • Lease Title Land Preparation, Owner Title Seach
  • Buying/Selling - Heavy Equipment - Internationally
  • Electric Distribution
  • Electric Generation and Transmission
  • Strip Mining of Minerals
  • International Locator of Industrial Equipment - Buying/Selling Equipment
  • Securities of Brokerage Funding
  • Brokerage Service- Buying/Selling/Transporting Diamonds and Gold Internationally with High Level Security
  • Brokerage of Large Fuel Contracts - Internationally
  • Advisory - High Level Personal and Corporate Security - USA and Internationally
  • International Negotiations
  • Aviation
  • Start-up Businesses
  • Economic Development


Amoung many civic and community activities, Mathiews serves as board of director on many varied and different boards, both local and state, past and present, ranging from School Board Trustee to State Soil and Water Conservation Board.  Several of those board positions include electrical distribution, serving as a board of director of Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative, Inc. located in Olney, Texas.  He also served as a board of director of a large electric power and generation plant and coal strip mining operation in South Texas, San Miguel Electric Cooperative. Serving as past Vice-President of that board. San Miguel Electric Cooperative is a large self mining lignite coal plant.  As Past Vice President of SMEC, Mathiews is highly familiar with large mining and providing electrical generation. As a local farmer and rancher his ties to the State Soil and Water Conservation District have been serving as the local county past President of the board as well as the past Area Rolling Plains Association board President of District V.


Present and Past Membership Registration Certificates:


     American Association of Professional Landman - A.A.P.L

     International Association of Professional Negotiators - I.A.P.N

     State Securities Broker/Dealer - State SEC

     American Society of Agriculture Appraisers - A.S.A. A.

     American Society of Equine Appraisers - A.S.E. A.

     International Society of Livestock Appraisers - I.S.L.A.