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How do I recognize the signs of my local county and community being in danger of becoming what TCC refer's to as a "Ghost Town?"  How do we stop the loss of Tax Dollars?  How do we stop the loss of Population?

  • Is your county loosing populatioin?
  • Is 50% of your current county's residents, over age 48? 
  • Is 60% or more residents over the age 55?
  • Has your county had to subsidize any of your county healthcare services to keep a single family doctor within the county?
  • Has the county lost its elderly retirment center or rest home facility, or had to fund it with county tax dollars to keep it open?
  • Has your local school(s) dropped in school enrollment over past few years?
  • Has your local school dropped from playing eleven man football to six man?
  • In the county tax department, has the county had to raise either: the county tax rate, or the property valuations, just to raise the same amount of local taxes as it rasied and operated on last fisical tax year?
  • Has your county lost from one to three local small businesses in your town the past year?
  • How long has it been since a new major industry was obtained by the county or within the county that employed a number of highly skill trade locals?
  • In your County wide workforce, are there at least 70-72% of your county residents, employed wage earners, earning over the minimum wage, yearly salaries, on county wide basis? 

If you can identify any one of these problems, you need to start now developing a county wide plan to draw in new industry.  If you can identify with three or more of the above, your county is in serious economic trouble like the 135 other Texas Counties.   If you have a local full time economic developer and/or part time employed chamber member of  the chamber of commerce, its now time  to draw in as much profesional help as you can, and as soon as you can, to start turning your county around.

Let Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) help guide your county through some proven steps to help counties recover from loss of industry, population, and tax base.  Call now to set up  an onsite review!  Its never too late to start!  We often work with both the local Economic Development  employee or the Chamber of Commerce to help your county and towns grow.  But call now.  Time is not on your side to get started.  The longer you wait, the more you loose!  Call TCC today to set up a onsite review.