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Rural Communities - Gaining New Industry
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Getting Started - Do it now!

For most small communities, just getting started is the hardest single part to do.  You often feel you have limited community interest, limited resources, limited capital, limited land available, limited people to help, and the list grows on. 

So where do you start? 

Often this is the single most difficult task at hand for any small rural county or community.   What you should remind yourself daily, if you are a small rural community citizen, is that you are a community that is fast loosing its tax base of small and large business alike, combined with your overall community population.  Most small rural counties are loosing both its population and tax base at about the same rate.  Today in Texas there are between 110 to 115 Counties that will average the loss of both, well over 7%-10% per year.  Some counties are loosing as high as 13%-15% per year.  If you are one of these counties, you are also loosing the most precious thing vital to survival, your young people.  You are loosing your students in public schools. You are loosing old time local established businesses.  Often you are loosing your local healthcare system as well.  There are two very common reasons your community people are vanishing every year in each small rural county. A small rural county's population diminishes for two very simple reasons, either by natural attrition such as death for example, or, for lack of job opportunities.  They are moving to find jobs that will support them and their families.  On average, the citizens that move are 24 to 42 years of age in range. When this segmented group moves out of your county, often in the process what is left behind in these small communities and counties is a larger population of older, retired citizens.  Many rural counties will average 60-80% of its total county citizenship with a population over the age of 65.  Now reflect on what I am telling you.  If 60-80% of the average citizens now living in your county are over age 60, and basically 8-10% of your younger population are moving each year, and your county makes no directional changes on gaining new industry into the county, where do you think your county or small rural community will be in 10 years from now?  How about 15 years? As a concerned small rural community member remind yourself daily, if you set idle and do nothing to help bring in a new industry, where will your community be in 10 more years?  Where will your community be in 15 more years? Now you realize the magnitude that your small rural town may be a ghost town if you don’t start somewhere, doing something, to correct this problem, and you must start now.  So the question you now have is where, or how, do you get started?

Get Your Community Informed and Get Them Interested.................and DO IT NOW!

It makes little difference as to what you see as the problem in your community, if you attempt to solve a communitywide problem on your own, you will more than likely fail in your endeavor. The first step, and most important step, is to get your community involved.  And do this early on.  If your community or county is one loosing as little as just 3-5% in population and tax base you need to get started.  If you are loosing over 7% time is critical to start now.  The first basic step is start raising community awareness and try to correct the problem. AND DO IT NOW!  Get the community informed of what the problems facing your community really are, that is the single, one most important issue.  That being the lack of industry (Jobs).  Stay focused and stay on course here.  Your community has to be ready to make some critical directional changes if you plan to correct this downfall of loosing your businesses, your tax base, and your population.  For the most part industry is the only thing that will reverse this down cycle of loss of tax base and loss of population.  First the community must be educated on how this effect of loss of industry is taking their community down.  And they have to be willing to step in and help. They have to be ready to roll up their sleeves and help in gaining a new industry for your community.  It takes a communitywide effort, not just a few hard working citizens. And the community must understand this early on.  Being successful in gaining a new industry will be a tough task even if your entire community is involved. It will be virtually impossible if they don't become involved!

Let Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) help you organize community or citizen's group meetings.  All small communities have what is needed to succeed in gaining a new business and industry, they just need a coach to guide them through a process maybe less known to them.  TCC can help you gain the attention needed for your community support.  TCC can meet with City Chamber of Commerce groups, Economic Development groups, and City or County officials that would like to better understand what the problem is, and more importantly steps to take on how to correct it.  TCC can help you organize your town hall or community wide meeting to get started.

Let Texas & Midwestern Consultants Compnay (TCC) Help Your Organize and Find Solutions

Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) can help you educate your community about the problem at hand. And after most communities are educated on the problems, often they become very willing parties to help make directional changes to ensure the economic survival of their community. After all, it's in their best interest.

Gaining a new industry is important to your community.  If you have read some of our related links already, you read that over 380,000 to 400,000 new companies want to start out doing business each year in Texas.  Only about 55,000 will succeed. Most, if not all, will be located in larger cities.  The main reason is capital for funding.  Many of these new companies left behind are startup companies, and therefore are lost between the gaps of normal institutional financing. The small companies may not be left behind because their business concept was a bad idea, but rather they were left behind because they couldn't be funded by normal, more traditional, banking guidelines.  Many are small startup companies which will have less than 10-20 employees, which is exactly what small communities need to be looking at.  These small companies often will not have past 3-5 year income tax statements or 10-30% equity into the project, or a huge savings or CD in their background to back a traditional loan.  Most major cities will never view them because they won't employee a larger work force or can't find their own bank loan.  Most small towns either don't target these types of new industries, or can't take them because they see no way to fund the business to get it started.  What most small communities don't realize is; most, if not all, of these companies will move anywhere if they can gain capital to fund their new business and get it started.  Tremendous opportunities therefore exist for small rural Texas communities to capitalize on this inequity for small businesses. 

Any small, rural community has the ability to fund a business.  You may not think so because you have been convinced by other professionals or larger towns/cities that you are too small to play an important role in developing your own community with industry.  They may tell you that you don't have adaquate infrastructure, housing, trainable employee's, and the list goes on.  That simply isn't true. TCC has helped small communities before, some with less than 300 population, fund projects up to $10 million dollars. A lot of that money was raised within the local community itself.  Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) is the concept originator of what TCC calls " Community Risk Pool Investing" for small companies. It will work very well for small rural communities that want to get involved and willing to invest in themselves.  And it will work everytime it is put into place.  Often capital for a new business can be raised in less than 45-90 days on average.

On aveage, Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) normally receives about 35 business plans per month. These are small startup companies looking for funding to get their new business up and running.  TCC has helped small communities gain new businesses which the community was willing to fund, often with local money. And the business can be up and running very quickly.  The individuals gain the funding needed and the community gains the local long term employment, tax base, and security.  It's a Win-Win situation. Call Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company(TCC) today to get your community started with finding and funding a new business.  Let Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) discuss issues about"Community Risk Pool Investing" and other funding issues within your local community. It may be right for you. Contact Texas & Midwestern Consultants Company (TCC) today!